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  • Making Change Happen

    One of the major challenges the corporate world faces is trying to implement change successfully, ensuring agility, strategies that make sense, and efficient, sustainable business models. We have something to say about this

    About Ekantika
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    We believe that practical experience is the best way to make training more effective and to allow measurement of the return on your investment. Find out about our solutions.

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    Corporate change
    with Games and Battles

    Created by Ekantika, the project was implemented in LATAM between 2014 and 2015. It was the subject of an article in HSM Management magazine in November.


The company

  • Ekantika adj.– from the Sanskrit, focusing on an objective

    Ekantika is a consultancy firm specializing in catalyzing change processes, evaluating and optimizing management models, and implementing made-to-measure solutions that offer organizations strategic consistency, quick results and sustainability.

  • Tailored Work

    To do what the client needs, at the right time, with the right resources. Don’t make things more sophisticated than you need to; don’t simplify things more than you can. Our models are made-to-measure for our clients.


    Trust has to be at the bottom of every professional relationship. Trust is built up on consistent deliveries, not with promises. Most of our clients are repeat clients. And this is because they trust us.

    Pragmatism about  results

    Our professional advice must deliver clear, objective results. Otherwise, we prefer to suggest that you scrap the project.

    Transfer of knowhow

    We try to transfer skills during our projects, so that the client can repeatedly and sustainably produce the solution we have designed.

  • Why do we have a code of conduct?

    Our integrity and our reputation depend on our ability to do the right thing, even if it is not the easiest thing. The “Ekantika Code of Conduct” is a set of rules and statements of policy intended to help members of the team decide how to act in relation to the company’s business and our clients.

    The code is based on our fundamental belief that no one in Ekantika may sacrifice their business integrity, even if they think that it will help the company.



  • 2009
    Integral Business
  • 2010
  • 2011
    Integral Business + Ekantika E.U.A.
  • 2013
    Lean projects
    Separação BRA x EUA
  • 2014
    Creation of the design area
    Battle methods
    Lean IT
  • 2015
    War Room
    Logistics and Retailing
  • 2016
    Voices of change
    Performance academy
  • 2017

Where we operate

We have a broad portfolio of services for strategic alignment, improving performance and mobilizing an organization to achieve results, to support medium and large companies in different sectors.

estratégia ekantika

Strategic Alignment

We help design strategies that really work in the real world, and we help prioritize them within the overall context.

operação ekantika

Execution and Enhanced Performance

We offer guidance to companies that want to ensure the productivity and efficacy of their operations and management tools.

pessoas ekantika

Mobilizing People

We introduce internal policies to ensure that staff are engaged and committed




We have knowledge and experience on a series of proven methods. We recognize and respect the value of each of them, but we are not bound to any one of them in particular.

  • Lean Manufacturing

    Lean Manufacturing

  • Six Sigma

    Six Sigma

  • Design Thinking

    Design Thinking

  • Teoria U

    Teoria U

  • Business Model Generation Canvas

    Business Model Generation Canvas

  • Ontologia da Linguagem

    The Ontology of Language

  • Espiral Dinâmica

    Dynamic Spiral

  • Teoria Integral

    Integral Theory

  • Conscious Business

    Conscious Business

  • A 5a Disciplina

    The Fifth Discipline

Success stories

Using conceptually and technically sound methods, we select what is most adequate from around the world on which to tailor proposals that will offer concrete results

Ekantika offers its clients the skills of a broad, diversified network of consultants; and at its hub is a solid team of professionals permanently linked to the company. This network structure allows a great deal of flexibility in selecting a team that will fully meet the needs of each project and each client.
Viviane Salyna
Boris Leite
Tatiane Carrelli
Patricia Simpioni
Nathalia Hauache
Leonardo Uenaka
Nara Littério
Jorge Anschutz
Jonas Andrey
Vanessa Pacheco
Andre Costa Araujo
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    Ekantika provides two areas of expertise that are of great importance for us: a very sound conceptual base and a pragmatic, results-oriented business vision
    Marcelo Koji
    Diretor de Tecnologia e
    Negócios Digitais
    Marcelo Koji


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